State of Michigan Demographic and Wage Data Report: 2024

MiRegistry proudly supports members of the Michigan Early Childhood and Out of School Time workforce by providing a statewide data system for professionals, trainers, and organizations to verify and track employment and training and educational accomplishments. In addition to providing direct customer service, MiRegistry serves as a data clearinghouse, with the responsibility of providing a database to store user information, collecting and verifying accurate data, and reporting out on data to assist policymakers in developing resources, spearheading initiatives, and making decisions that directly impact the workforce.

As the world works to find its new “normal” following the global Covid-19 pandemic, many industries are
contending with perceived difficulties retaining quality staff. The early childhood and school age workforce industry continues to be affected by this upheaval. MiRegistry analyzed wage and other employee data housed within its system to learn more about the early childhood and school age workforce draw attention to areas in which positive change can be made for this critical industry.

For more information, read MiRegistry’s report.