MiRegistry Resource Page

Find the many helpful resources available to MiRegistry users by visiting our new resource page! From how-to guides, videos, toolkits, and tip sheets, we offer guidance for anyone using MiRegistry. 

Recently, we reorganized our Resources page to make finding what you need a little easier! 

On the new Resources page, you’ll find our resources grouped by category. Wondering what the different colors mean?

  • General Resources =Purple
  • Membership Resources = Green
  • Trainer Resources = Blue
  • Resources for Programs and Organizations = Yellow

When you click on a category, you will find all of our resources and the Frequently Asked Questions that relate to this topic. For example, when you click the Finding Training category, you will see all the resources related to finding training. To help you quickly sort through the resources, we included a short description and an icon of the type of resource.

The new resource page was a main feature in our most recent edition of News for Now (November 2022).

MiRegistry Resource Page