MiRegistry Mobile App for Taking Attendance

Save time taking attendance at your next training event with the MiRegistry Mobile App. The app allows you to easily take attendance on your smart phone or mobile device. Download the FREE app today!

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How the Mobile App Works
The MiRegistry Mobile App can be used by anyone with a MiRegistry account.

Trainers can use the app to access their training events and take attendance. You can use the app to take attendance by any of the following options:

  1. Scanning an attendee’s QR code. Attendees can access their QR code by using the MiRegistry Mobile App or opening the e-ID report located on the Reports page of their MiRegistry Profile.
  2. Entering an attendee’s MiRegistry ID number.
  3. Verifying online registration (online registration is only available to training sponsor organizations).

Event Attendees can use the app to access their MiRegistry ID number and a personalized QR code that can be scanned by trainers to take attendance.

For more information on using the MiRegistry Mobile app, download the online support guide.

This article originally appeared in Tips for Trainers, February 2022 issue.