MiRegistry Career Pathway Introduction

Did you know MiRegistry members are awarded a level on the Career Pathway based on the education and training that is verified in the MiRegistry system?

The Career Pathway is an excellent resource for early childhood and school age professionals to document and quantify their professional growth and accomplishments, and by doing so, to define and advance the profession. The Career Pathway has 8 sequential career levels, starting with Foundational
Level 1. Each level lists different education or training requirements. A member who meets one of the requirements listed in a specific level (identified by an asterisk *) will be awarded that level based on the information submitted to and verified by MiRegistry. Meeting the requirements of prior levels is not required.

Career Planning
If you are passionate about this profession and thinking about how you can advance your career, consider using the back side of this 1-page resource to see possible career opportunities that relate with each level on the Career Pathway! Though this isn’t a full list of all career opportunities, it is a great place to get started.

Professional Development Planning
Making a professional development plan can be challenging. Use this resource as a starting point to see possible pathways you may want to pursue when making 1-year or even 5-year plans. If you are a director of a child care program, use this resource when thinking about how you might encourage staff to continue their lifelong learning.

Checking Your Level
If you are a MiRegistry member, you can find your Career Pathway Level by logging in to your MiRegistry Personal Profile and looking on the right side of your Summary page.

This article originally appeared in News For Now, March 2022 issue.