License Exempt Training Report

A training report for actively enrolled license exempt providers is available. The License Exempt Training Report provides valuable information on the training you have completed, if any, toward Level 2.

If you have a current Level 2 rate, the report shows you:

  1. The training and number of training hours you have already completed.
  2. The date by which you need to complete an additional 10 hours of training to maintain your Level 2 rate for child care.

How to Open Your License Exempt Training Report

  1. Log in to your MiRegistry account.
Personal Profile Reports Tab
  1. Click on the REPORTS tab at the top of your screen (see image above).
  2. Click on the link LICENSE EXEMPT TRAINING REPORT (see the example below).

How to Understand Your License Exempt Training Report

Use the example License Exempt Training Report below to better understand your report.

LE Training Report
LE Report Training for level 2
  • Rate Begin and End Date: You will see your rate begin and end dates here. If you have a current or expired Level 2 rate, you will see a table that shows the training you took to earn your Level 2 rate. 
    Please Note: If you see Not Started after your Rate Begin Date, it means you have not taken the additional 10 hours of training needed to earn a Level 2 rate. 
  • Training Towards Level 2: Here, you can see the total hours of training you’ve taken toward maintaining your Level 2 rate.
    Please Note: If you are working toward your first Level 2 rate, you will only see this part of the report, which shows any training you have taken toward Level 2.
  • Hours Needed: On the bottom of this report, you can find any training you have completed toward maintaining your Level 2 rate and the date by which you must complete the 10 hours of training.

This content originally was emailed to all license exempt providers on October 5, 2020.