CDA and MI-YDA Credential Reports

There are two new reports available to individual MiRegistry account holders:

  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential Summary
  • Michigan Youth Development Associate (MI-YDA) Credential Report

These reports are designed to support individuals that are pursuing a CDA and/or MI-YDA credential and are available on the Reports tab of your individual profile.

Personal Profile Reports Tab

CDA Credential Summary Report

This report contains all verified training categorized as Infant, Toddler or Preschool. An individual training (course) can only have one category represented. To support CDA candidates with the most information available, the training (course) category indicated by the trainer is listed and then a description of the course is listed to support determining whether the training content meets the requirement for an Infant/Toddler CDA, a Preschool CDA or a Family Child Care CDA. The Council for Professional Recognition has recognized MiRegistry as an approved state workforce registry.

MI-YDA Credential Report

This report contains all verified training eligible for the MI-YDA Credential. It includes both training that the trainer aligned to a school age content area and training that was categorized as Other and was aligned to an early childhood content area. Trainers can only align training to either early childhood OR school age (youth development) content areas. Including training with a course category
of Other allowed for the inclusion of training that was appropriate for both early childhood and school age.

Not all training that is aligned to CDA subject areas or MI-YDA content areas could be pulled into the reports. We have several enhancements planned to allow for the inclusion of training from all course categories. For a record of all training completed, you will want to reference your Learning Record.

This article originally appeared in News For Now, June 2022 issue.