Offering Training

Trainers can create training by submitting a course for approval and then scheduling it as an event. Approved training events can be found on the MiRegistry Statewide Training Calendar. All training listed on the Statewide Training Calender helps providers meet the Great Start to Quality professional development indicators.

Use the resources below to learn more about how get started on the steps to submit training to MiRegistry for approval.

Trainer Offering Training
Find Helpful Resources to Submit Training in MiRegistry!

Resources on Offering Training

Course Event Approval Guide

This guide provides all the information you need to know to get started.

How to Create Training

This guide shows each step needed to submit a training to MiRegistry.

Trainer Level Alignment Guide

This is an outline of the Core Knowledge and Core Competencies expectations for training.

How to access the Professional Development Evaluation report

This guide shows you how to access attendee feedback on your training.

Managing Attendance Resources

Find resources for managing attendance records for your training events.

Training Sponsor Organization Resources

Learn how your organization can create training.

Aligning Courses to Great Start to Quality (GSQ) Professional Development Indicators

This document provides information to help you better understand GSQ Professional Development Indicators.

How to Create a Conference Using the Conference Module

This guide will walk you through creating, submitting, and managing a conference utilizing the conference module.

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