MiRegistry Account

Creating a free MiRegistry account gives you access to the MiRegistry system. Here's what you can do with an account:

  • Become a MiRegistry Member! Once you create your account, choose to become a member.
  • Receive a MiRegistry ID number. This number is used to track attendance when you go to a training.
  • Register for Training. Find training on the Statewide Training Calendar and register in minutes with your account.
  • Create a MiRegistry Organization Profile. This is a great resource for program directors, administrators, or for training organizations.
Creating a MiRegistry Account Is Easy!

Resources About Your MiRegistry Account

How to Create an Account

This guide will walk you through each step to create a MiRegistry account.

How to Create an Account Video

Watch this short video on how to create a MiRegistry account.

Privacy Policy

Learn how information about you may be collected and disclosed.

How to Create a New Password

Forgot your password? This guide shows you how you can create a new password.

How to Connect to your Employer

This guide shows how employees can connect to their organization in MiRegistry.

Membership Benefits

Learn about the benefits of being a MiRegistry member!

Becoming a Member Resources

Take the next step and see how to become a MiRegistry member!

Finding Training

See how you can use the Statewide Training Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions