Managing an Organization Profile

With an Organization Profile, you can view, manage, and track the training hours for your staff. Utilize the Reports feature to help your staff with professional development planning. Setting up an Organization Profile is also the first step to offering training to your staff as a Training Sponsor Organization.

Learn more about how to effectively manage your Organization Profile by reviewing the resources below.

Did You Know?
The individual who set up the MiRegistry Organization Profile starts as the profile owner.

Resources for Managing an Organization Profile

Organization Profile Tips Sheet

This 1-page tips sheet shows how to manage your Organization Profile.

Requesting Access to an Organization Profile

See how to request administrative access to an Organization Profile.

Adding Organization Profile Users

See how to give others administrative access to your Organization Profile.

Accessing Staff Learning Records

See how to access employee learning records.

Understanding the Staff Report

Learn more about the information available to you on the Staff Report.

Accessing Multiple Organization Report

This guide applies for those who manage multiple Organization Profiles.

Employees Tab Tips Sheet

See how to manage the Employees Tab of your Organization Profile.

Managing Employee Invitations

See how you can invite individuals to list your program as their employer.

Verifying Employment Records

See how to verify employment when an individual lists your program as their employer.

Training Sponsor Organization Resources

Learn how your organization can offer training.

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